Luke Bryan's wife needed medical care after the couple's turkey "Al" clawed her as she was tending to other animals. Several weeks after the attack, Bryan that Caroline doesn't have to worry about that happening again.

"Al’s options were very limited," Bryan told select media during a recent chat. "He’s lucky he got Caroline’s option, because I had my option."

In mid-June, Caroline Bryan shared video of the aftermath of the attack on her Instagram page, seemingly joking around as much as she could in sharing that "My turkey Al attacked me last night and hit a tendon in the back of my leg."

WATCH: Luke Bryan's Wife Attacked by "Al" the Turkey: 

"She had to get on antibiotics," Bryan — whose new Born Here Live Here Die Here album dropped last month — reveals. "That’s something stupid enough to kill you, bacteria from a damn turkey leg."

Once upon a time, the couple had nothing but warm feelings for Al, a turkey whose aggressive exploits are well-chronicled at the Brett's Barn Instagram page. He was a great pet that you could pick up and ride around in a truck with.

"But then he was living out by Brett’s Barn, and the other turkeys started coming up and fighting him and beating him up and making him more aggressive, and he just got to where everything was a threat," Bryan says.

And, so ...

"He is now living at our other farm down in Murray county," he shares. "Yeah, he’s still in the family, but he’s not gonna be around my family."

Big Al is still listed as one of the animal attractions on Brett's Barn's website. The barn was started in honor of Caroline and Luke's niece, Brett Boyer, who died at just seven months after being diagnosed prenatally with Down syndrome and a congenital heart defect.

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