Cold weather made for a scary situation for Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean on Friday night (Jan. 12), as frigid temperatures and wind chill caused instruments to fail on the plane they were riding in midair after taking off from St. Louis, Mo.

But the country superstar duo made the best of things, turning a tough situation into what Aldean drily called an "amazing day." By the end of the night, the pair were in a rental car together, proving that you never quite know what you're going to get out of a day when you wake up in the morning.

While in line at a drive-through Dairy Queen, Aldean and Bryan hopped on Instagram Live to share their experience with about 11,000 followers. "We duck hunted this morning. We flew to St. Louis. We landed. We did the ATA Show with Buck Commander," Bryan recounts for the camera.

"And we were supposed to get back on the plane, fly back, it was gonna be a 30-minute flight. Easy, easy," Aldean continues. However, once they took off from St. Louis, things started to get a little rocky.

"It was so cold. In St. Louis it's, like, 16 degrees, wind was blowing 40 miles an hour. Some of the instruments on the palne were we had to turn and land and yeah, it was a little tense," Bryan explained. But not to be deterred, the pair rented a car, and decided to turn their voyage home into a road trip.

"So now we're on I-55 at a Dairy Queen. We're getting some chicken fingers. I just peed beside the road. And Jason's the driver," Bryan says with a giggle. "That's 'cause I don't trust you to drive, actually," Aldean adds.

If you're wondering what Aldean and Bryan's go-to Dairy Queen orders are, you're in luck: They placed their order on camera. Aldean requested "a regular cheeseburger with cheese and pickles only, fries and a Coke to drive with that," plus a six-piece basket of chicken strips. Bryan ordered a "No. 1 with a Coke," and didn't specify exactly what comes with that combo -- but according to a quick search of Dairy Queen's website, that's likely a cheeseburger with bacon. Altogether, their meal cost $29.78 -- and it looks like Bryan footed the bill.

For Aldean, the freezing weather and grounded plane were a rude awakening: He and his family recently returned from a tropical vacation at their Turks & Caicos island beach house. Meanwhile, Bryan's been wrapping up the final dates on his Las Vegas residency, and looking ahead to new music -- and a new tour -- in 2024.

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