Luke Bryan continues to seek balance among his radio selections as he releases "Down to One" as the fourth single from Born Here Live Here Die Here.

The mellow love song recalls so much from his early-to-mid 2010s catalog. In fact, you could drop this lightly R&B tinged song on any station in America in 2014 and it'd fit in like stretch denim. A couple are enjoying a truck bed night of innocent romance with all the tools deemed necessary in this new age of young love: beer, stars, anticipation ... The second verse adds a touch of nostalgia that helps make it appropriate for a 44-year-old married man to sing, but the song will ultimately rely on a listener's "been there."

Dallas Davidson, Justin Ebach and Kyle Fishman wrote "Down to One," an easy radio hit even if it will eventually be lost among similar songs from Bryan, like "Play It Again," "I See You" and "Fast." Fourth or fifth singles from an album can often be used to pivot in a new direction, but often they're chosen to maintain a brand. The latter is true for Team Bryan this time.

Did You Know?: "Down to One" is the ninth Luke Bryan radio single co-written by Dallas Davidson. Most famous are "Country Girl (Shake It for Me)" and "That's My Kind of Night."

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Luke Bryan's "Down to One" Lyrics:

We were counting one star at a time / One fell out of the sky / You had your eyes closed, you were wishing on 'em / I was thinking 'bout your lips, girl and kissin' on 'em / We were sitting in the light of the moon / I was watching it shine on you / Funny how time flies with a good girl / On a good night.

We were down to 1AM / Listening to one more song / Thinking I want more than just one night out here with you alone / Down to that last Bud Light in the back of that two-tone half-ton / My heart was telling me that one more kiss and I'd be done / Down to one hand in mine / Down to one beautiful smile / I was done with the girl I want / Straight falling in love / Right there that night / Down to one.

Said we leave in one more minute / One passed by but we didn't / 'Cause you were looking like a dream I've been dreaming / I was thinking about anything but leaving / Still feel that touch / You were in my arms / Soaking up that young love / Never been that far.

Repeat Chorus

I was saying, Stay with me / I'll be everything you need.

Repeat Chorus

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