Tennessee officials confirmed a less dangerous strain of bird flu was found in Giles County, Tennessee, which borders Lincoln County Tennessee, the site of high pathogenic avian influenza found more than a week ago. Authorities killed and buried chickens at the site in Giles County, Tennessee, "as a precaution" after a case of highly pathogenic flu in Lincoln County led to the deaths of about 73,000 chickens, according to Reuters.

The Tennessee Department of Agriculture said officials did not believe birds at one premise sickened those at the other. The less dangerous low pathogenic avian influenza found in Giles County, Tennessee, is the second confirms low-pathogenic strain found in the U.S. this year, which followed a low pathogenic outbreak in Wisconsin.

The high-pathogenic outbreak was the first in more than a year in the United States as other countries in Europe and Asia are dealing with multiple outbreaks. However, the U.S. Department of Agriculture says the strain found in Tennessee is not related to the strains found currently overseas.

Source;  NAFB News


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