Loretta Lynn's daughter-in-law is hoping the power of prayer leads her husband Ernie to a happier and healthier life.

Ernest Ray "Ernie" Lynn is the singer's fourth of six children with husband Oliver "Doolittle" Lynn. He was 69 when, earlier this year, a note on Lynn's social media page shared that he was undergoing a critical surgery as a result of kidney failure.

Wife Crystal Lynn wrote about the ups and downs of his health journey a few days later, noting how his situation seemed to turn from dire to hopeful in a heartbeat.

"I have no explanation for it other than God," she says.

Fast-forward to Wednesday (April 3) and Crystal wrote about the importance of an upcoming appointment.

"We would appreciate your prayers asking for God’s influence and favor so that Ernie may receive approval for this procedure, as a new kidney would drastically improve his quality of life, length of life, and of course his emotional and mental health."

"I want to see my baby happy again. I want to see my baby healthy again," she says.

On Thursday morning, Crystal Lynn shared as much of an update as she could. There's been no decision about a new kidney, but they felt Wednesday went well. More should be known in the next few weeks.

Ernie Lynn hasn't publicly commented on his health at his own Facebook page.

He's not the only member of his family facing a health battle: In February, older sister Cissie Lynn shared that she was undergoing a surgery in her battle against mouth cancer.

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Meanwhile, Patsy — who along with her twin sister are Loretta Lynn's youngest children — has been in the news, too, as her daughter Emmy Russell auditions for American Idol.

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