It began as a temporary closure in March 2020, followed by a temporary reopening as a traveling roadshow in Fall 2021. Despite these and other adjustments made during an "unprecedented" time period created by the coronavirus pandemic, hopes of a return to a "regular" season of shows in 2022 and beyond have been all but dashed as the Old Creamery Theatre in Amana announces that its closure is now permanent.

After 50 years, the Old Creamery has had its final curtain call

Just because they weren't putting on shows and events during the pandemic, didn't mean the Old Creamery Theatre wasn't incurring expenses during that time. According to CBS2, the theatre is a not-for-profit venture that could not keep up with those expenses while limited revenue was rolling in. The board of directors made the unfortunate decision they could not hold out until normalcy returns, and will close the theatre. A statement was made, which we found located on their Facebook page. It in part says limited federal funding was secured over the pandemic but not enough to maintain operating expenses.

Old Creamery Theatre was started in Garrison, Iowa

It's hard to imagine Old Creamery having been located anywhere but the Amana Colonies, where they have been entertaining visitors since 1988. But the group first got its start in 1971, in the town of Garrison in an old Co-Op Dairy building, which is likely how the "Old Creamery" name came about. Since then, they had become Iowa's longest-running professional theatre company and in their closing statement note that they will miss the many visitors and patrons who have joined them over the years.

Old Creamery Theatre extends their heartfelt thanks to the public for 50 years of support, engagement, and dedication. A non-profit organization is a reflection of the community it serves and Old Creamery has been supported by the finest staff, volunteers, talent, and patrons for 50 years. The memory of the artistic impact of the live theatre experience will always be treasured.

Not just a theatre, a historic community outreach organization

They touted the expansion of theatre programs over the years that included youth productions and shows put on at area schools as well as their longtime studio shows, roadshows, a children's writing contest, and summer camp: Camp Creamery.

In short, the historic Old Creamery Theatre is no more, as the pandemic creates another disappointing loss. You can read the company's closing statement in its entirety here.

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