The Oelwein Police Department is warning area residents of a scam, that nearly made a local person it's latest victim.

An Oelwein citizen called authorities to report that a person called them, claiming that their grandchild was at the Oelwein Police Department, the subject of a drug investigation.

The caller identifies themselves as the child's lawyer, and asks the victim to send or tranfer them $4,000 immediately, so they may represent their grandchild in a hearing taking place that same day at the police department.

The would-be victim called police before transferring any funds, and the attempt was stopped.

The police department reminds everyone to beware of telephone scammers that try to trick you out of your money, or personal information. Scammers may come in the form of phone calls from real people, robocalls, or text messages.

False promises are often made: an offer to purchase products, invest money, or get free product trials. Some may offer money through free grants and lotteries.

Others will threaten with jail or lawsuits if they are not paid.

Anyone receiving a questionable call, should hang up, and call authorities. Never give out personal information over the phone to an unknown entity.

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