Iowa farmers have been on the move lately.

We have seen more and more farmers begin their 2022 harvest as they bring tractors from field to field, semi’s hauling grain, and trailers hauling livestock.

Unfortunately, this means we keep seeing more farm-related road accidents across Iowa. A lot of them have been related to tractors, however, an accident last Wednesday accident involved hogs.

A tractor-trailer was hauling hogs on Wednesday morning, October 19th on Highway 163 when it was overturned says an article in KCCI.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office responded to the crash at around 9:30 am that was located just east of the Metro Waste Landfill. Upon arrival, they found that the trailer was on its side blocking the westbound lanes of the highway.

The trailer was carrying a load of hogs at the time of the accident.

Highway 163 was shut down as a result of the accident and has since reopened. The hogs were able to be unloaded from the overturned trailer and loaded onto a new one.

Fortunately, no injuries were reported tied to the accident.

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