The U.S. Department of Transportation officially suspended the requirement that livestock haulers use electronic logging devices (ELDs) in their trucks.

Back in 2012, the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Enhancement Act mandated that drivers of commercial motor vehicles replace their paper logs with ELDs by December 18th of 2017. The National Pork Producers Council requested a waiver from the requirement on behalf of all the U.S. livestock sectors. The NPPC also asked for an exemption from the regulation, citing the incompatibility between transporting livestock and the Department of Transportation’s Hours of Service Rules. Those regulations limit truckers to driving 11 hours daily, after 10 consecutive hours off duty, and restrict their on-duty time to 14 consecutive hours, which includes non-driving time. NPPC was granted the waiver but a permanent fix was yet-to-be-determined.

The NPPC applauds the Trump Administration and its commitment to U.S. agriculture, marking this as a huge win for both U.S. livestock producers and haulers.

Source;  NAFB News

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