Latin American artist Leah Turner was nurtured at a young age to be proud of her heritage and roots. It's an upbringing Turner hopes can have an impact on country music.

“I hope that not only do I show Latinas that there is a place for them, but I’m also able to show young girls that there’s a place for them, and young women that there’s a place for them,” Turner tells Taste of Country.

“It’s been really cool to get messages of people saying, ‘I’ve been waiting for somebody that has that blood running through their veins. Thank you so much.’ That’s really encouraging because the fight, the raising and everything that’s been instilled in me has done, it’s paying off.”

With the release of her new EP, Lost in Translation, Turner is hopeful it’s one of impact for listeners. This six-track project has a bit of everything musically, from Latin influences heard through the instruments to Turner interweaving her ability to sing in both English and in Spanish.

As the singer points out with a laugh, Spanish isn’t called the "language of love" for no reason — meaning she’s brought some sexy and sultry tunes to the EP.

“It’s really kinda sexy. That’s one of the wonderful things about the Latin culture. I think everything comes across just sexy,” she shares.

For Turner, her parents' work ethic and their love for each other have made a momentous impact on not only who she is as a person, but also the grit and determination she has to pursue her musical aspirations.

She is proud of all six songs on the new project, but because of her parents, “Vaquera and the Cowboy” is one that holds a special place in her heart. Turner’s dad was a rodeo star, and her mother is a jewelry artist and ballerina from Mexico.

“'Vaquera' is 'cowgirl' in Spanish, and it’s really talking about how love does last,” Turner expresses. “My parents got married in a time where you don’t marry outside of your race, and they had to fight through that. They’ve had to fight just even through everyday life of loving someone.”

“It’s their story about the front seat that I had to watching my dad love my mom like she’s gold,” she says. “Watch them really show you an example of if you make a choice, and you fight hard, and you let hearts speak and chemistry be felt, there’s really nothing you and your person can do.”

When it came to shooting a video for the song, it was a no-brainer that her parents needed to be in it.

With a younger couple mirroring them, her parents had the opportunity to display their real-life love on screen. When asked if her parents enjoyed the process, Turner shares that they were living for every moment.

“My dad is so quick on his feet — he doesn’t care about anything. He was like, ‘All right,  let’s do it,’” Turner recalls.

When watching the footage back, her mother had a deep emotional reaction.

“She said it makes [her] cry because my dad is such an incredible man, and really, they don’t make them like him anymore,” Turner says, tearing up as she speaks.

Turner’s selection for the title of the EP overarches the ultimate heartbeat of the project. She knew bringing in different languages and different sounds might be new to many, but had a heart to bridge the potential disconnect.

“I always feel that if you let hearts speak and chemistry talk, and vibes be felt, nothing can get lost in translation,” she explains. “If everyone would start opening their hearts and their minds, and really locking into intuition, nothing can get lost in translation.”

Listen to Turner’s Lost in Translation wherever you stream music.

Leah Turner's Lost in Translation Tracklisting:

1. "Lost in Translation"
2. "Once Upon a Time in Mexico"
3. "Vaquera and the Cowboy"
4. "Vaya Con Dios"
5. "Wax on the Table"
6. "Where Did All the Cowboys Go"

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