People from all over the world have flooded into Iowa to see the latest and greatest technology the industry has to offer. From new field equipment to the latest seed genetics, the Farm Progress Show has a little something for everyone.

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Each year, whether it be in Iowa or Illinois, exhibitors show off the new heights they have reached over the years, while also celebrating their past- which is exactly what Massy Ferguson is doing this year.

Townsquare Media; Kailey Foster
Townsquare Media; Kailey Foster

This year, Massey Ferguson is celebrating a big milestone at the Farm Progress Show says Adam Sills, the marketing Product Specialist for Massey Ferguson Tractor.

In order to celebrate our 175th anniversary, we wanted to have an antique, classic tractor showcase here. So we get tractors- the Massey Ferguson 135- an iconic tractor. Everybody throughout the country whenever they say they learned how to drive a tractor, it was usually on a Massey 135.

Tractor on the Right: Massey Ferguson 135 Townsquare Media; Kailey Foster
Tractor on the Right: Massey Ferguson 135
Townsquare Media; Kailey Foster

The tractor’s colors are red and grey, the red signifying the Massey Harrison tractors and the grey is the Ferguson brand. When the two companies merged in the 1950s, both colors stuck around.

Among the fleet of antique tractors, Massey Ferguson brought its Massey-Harris I-330 tractor- one of the rarest tractors to find. This 1954 tractor is one of six to have been built and of those six it’s the only one still around.

That was specifically built back in the 50s for the United States Navy base out in Miramar. They would have rail cars come in and they had to move those inside the base. They would use that tractor, hook it to the side of the railcars and pull them wherever they needed to go.

Massey-Harris I-330 Townsquare Media; Kailey Foster
Massey-Harris I-330
Townsquare Media; Kailey Foster

Massey Ferguson tractors can be found all over the world. As the company likes to say “the sun never sets on the Massey Ferguson logo”.

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