If Lainey Wilson has ever posted a picture wearing something other than her bellbottoms, we couldn't find it.

That changed on Monday when the "Wildflowers and Wild Horses" singer shared a gallery of photos snapped along the ocean in Australia.

  • Wilson played Australia's CMC Rocks Fest earlier this month.
  • Early on, the 31-year-old pledged to never wear a dress on an awards show red carpet, and she's stayed true.
  • Even candid photos and videos on her social media pages have come with a unique hippie flair, like this:

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This week, fans learned that Wilson does own 'normal person' clothes. As she praised the Australian landscapes, she revealed something fans have never seen before: Her ankles!

"I’ve been a lot of places but rarely do I get to see how beautiful those places are," she says, wearing a pair of soft gray shorts and an athletic T-shirt. "I will never forget this trip. Soaked up all the beauty of Australia."

These four photos were snapped during her brief tour of the country:

Wilson is currently on a global tour that will end in May. On May 31 she'll begin the Country's Cool Again Tour in Nashville. This headlining tour will keep the 2023 CMA Entertainer of the Year winner busy into November.

She's hinted that new music may come in 2024, but so far has not announced any plans. Wilson has also not shared if she's been invited back to film the remainder of Yellowstone.

These Cute Pics of Lainey Wilson + Devlin Hodges Are Workin' Overtime

Slowly, but surely, Lainey Wilson is becoming more comfortable sharing her relationship with former NFL player Devlin Hodges with the world. Although it's unclear when their romance began, the pair made their first pubic appearance together at the 2023 ACM Awards. Then, they attended the CMA Awards together that fall.

Wilson has spoken very little about Hodges, but she did share that she's not afraid to put him to work around her home in Nashville.

"I put him to work," Wilson told Taste of Country ahead of the 2023 CMA Awards. "Look, he's got a long list of things. I'm like, 'Take the trash out, mow the yard, do something with the flower beds, feed the dogs.'"

One things is for sure, these two make an adorable couple.

20 Lainey Wilson Songs Every Fan Knows by Heart

From small town to the big city, Lainey Wilson has come a long way in her music career. A talented songwriter and an esteemed vocalist, it was only a matter of time before she got her time in the spotlight.

What makes Wilson so captivating is her ability to connect with her fans through her music. She writes songs that are honest and sings them with conviction. Wilson also remains one of the most humble individuals in the game, which only makes her more magnetic. 

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