While touring remains on pause due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Kane Brown has stayed busy in the gym. The singer posted a new video of himself pumping iron, and it looks like his hard work is paying off.

"5 to 6 more months till we can realistically tour again," Brown explains in his Instagram caption, which also calls out his fellow country music singers. With the reality of not hitting the road anytime soon, the "Heaven" hitmaker had the idea to start a social media challenge to help pass the time.

"So challenging @tylerhubbard @iamchrislane @jimmieallen @thetimmcgraw @jonpardi and all my other peeps to see how ripped we can get before then. I’m only 6 weeks in so far," he says, asking for his buddies Tim McGraw, Jon Pardi and others to participate in his get-fit competition.

Judging from the comments, his fans are all about this idea, with many adding fire emojis below his post and building excitement as they wait for artists to accept the challenge. Some fans are even suggesting that Brown's wife, Katelyn, join the game.

When he's not shredding in the gym — or lifting weights in his driveway, as the video shows — Brown has had plenty of quality time with his family while not on the road this year. It's been especially valuable because he's been home to watch his infant daughter, Kingsley, grow.

Recently, the singer shared an adorable video of his little girl laughing — a little peek at the many irreplaceable moments he's been able to enjoy by being home.

Although Brown had to put a pin in his 2020 tour plans, he hasn't been stagnant when it comes to his music. He recently released a new video for "Worldwide Beautiful" that features an appearance from his daughter.

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