We already know that Travis Kelce caught Taylor Swift's eye with a friendship bracelet, but did he also woo her with a country song? Josh Turner certainly thinks so.

On Wednesday (Feb. 28), Turner shared a throwback video clip from May 2023 — just a couple months before Kelce and Swift started dating.

In the video, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end is onstage singing an enthusiastic, a capella rendition of Turner's sultry "Your Man," complete with equally emphatic dance moves.

"Now we know how [Kelce] REALLY caught [Swift's] eye," Turner jokes in the caption of his post. "'Your Man' works every time."

Turner should know: Not only is "Your Man" his signature song, but it's also got a special connection to his wife Jennifer, who starred in both the original music video for the song and a 2021 remake that shows a couple still in love after all those years.

Why Did Travis Kelce Get Onstage to Sing 'Your Man' in the First Place?

  • Lainey Wilson played a show during the NFL draft last May, and Kelce attended her show.
  • At some point during the concert, Kelce wound up with the mic — and he went onstage to hype up the crowd with his version of "Your Man."
  • At the time, Turner offered his compliments to Kelce's full-throated take on his song, but in light of the Kelce-Swift romance, the NFL great's "Your Man" is even more eye-catching.

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It isn't the only time that Kelce has tried his hand at a karaoke-style country performance. After the Chiefs won the Super Bowl for the second year running in 2024, Kelce celebrated with a seemingly-inebriated rendition of Garth Brooks' "Friends in Low Places" during his team's victory parade.

Brooks was a big fan of Kelce's cover performance, and even invited him to perform at the grand opening of his new Nashville bar, which shares its name with the title of "Friends in Low Places."

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