Our military does so much for us. They sacrifice a lot to protect our freedom and that’s something we should be celebrating more of.  When it’s time for our military members to transition back to civilian life, it can a transition period that people tend to overlook.

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On Veterans Day, Deere & Company announced an agreement with the U.S. Army Reserve Private Public Partnership Office that will help service members and families access career opportunities in that transition to civilian life.

This partnership and agreement will help Deere provide active-duty soldiers with meaningful education and skills to be top candidates for future employment while they are transitioning to the reserves.

In a release from Deere, David Ottavianelli, Director of Workforce and Community Development at Deere. Says;

“This partnership not only helps our soldiers and their families at a critical stage in life but will also support growth within our local communities and business.”

This partnership will build upon the Department of Defense’s SkillBridge program. This program helps place, active-duty military members, with jobs within their final six months of service.

According to the release, Reserve members face unemployment rates two to three times the national average.

The Quad-City-based Deere has been in the SkillBridge program since 2020 helping more than 395 active-duty service members and veterans. According to Ottavianelli in the release;

John Deere is honored to give back to our nation’s veterans by helping them translate the breadth of valuable knowledge and skills they retained during active duty and develop them into a new career path.

Thank you to all the veterans and current military members who have sacrificed for us.

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