The direct message, or DM, has become a large part of our society in the past decade. Mostly known for someone sliding into your DMs, we all know it goes down in the DMs.

Jelly Roll Reveals Who Slides Into His & Bunnie Xo's DMs

In the latest episode of Taste of Country Nights on Demand, I sat down with the country music superstar and asked the hard-hitting question — whose DMs are worse, his or Bunnie's?

The "Halfway to Hell" singer delivered with his reply.

"Well, you can guess. Poor Bunnie will get her eyes poked out. That's what she calls it, gettin' her eye poked out."

Jelly Roll continued to spill the beans. "She'll still open a DM every now and again to some dude just swinging pecker on her, and she's just like, 'What?'"

Does that make the "Son of a Sinner" singer upset that she constantly gets DMs of guys' intimates? Jelly Roll replied, "It don't make me mad. It makes me feel bad that women are subjected to that, though."

He continued his sympathy for his wife, Bunnie, and other ladies.

"Could you imagine? Like as dudes, I don't worry about that. It's not a thought I have. And if a girl sends me a boob pic, I'm excited. I'm like, 'Yo, boob!' And my wife's like, 'Aww, d--k,' you know what I'm saying? It's like, dude."

In referring to his DMs compared to Bunnie's, Jelly Roll said, "I'm like, 'Aww, you got another set of dirty ba--s and I got some ti--ies. You know, it's just two totally different things happening."

When asked if he or his wife have issues with each other receiving some R-rated DMs, he said it is not an issue at all.

"We just don't live in that world of unnecessary jealousy."

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