Jelly Roll's got an enthusiastic fanbase of all ages, but the way this Indiana toddler lights up when his song comes on might just take the cake.

Over the weekend, grandma Janeen Hurley shared video of her 2-year-old granddaughter strapped into her car seat. The little girl's sitting peacefully in the backseat — that is, until she recognized the song on the radio, which is Jelly's "Need a Favor."

When she hears Jelly Roll's voice, the young fan loses her mind: She punches the air, kicks her feet and excitedly screams "Yeah!" as she listens to the music.

Giggling, clapping and even a couple of happy tears ensue as the song continues. The little girl is more excited about Jelly's studio recordings than many superfans are about the chance to see him perform them live.

Local Townsquare Media station 99.5 WKDQ first shared the video of Jelly's youngest fan adorably freaking out over his music, and the clip quickly made the rounds on social media.

After Grandma Janeen shared a second post about the moment on Facebook, the young girl's mom, Tiffany Appell, chimed in to say that her daughter was excited about the attention, too.

"I went in her room telling her about it, she goes, 'Alright!'" Tiffany commented in a response to Janeen's Facebook post.

Jelly's known for making fan interactions special, especially for the people who've used his music to help them through addiction, grief or other different times. But he's also all about making kids smile: He recently applauded a young boy's talent show performance of "Save Me," and after he wrapped his 2023 tour earlier this month, he launched a massive toy drive in Nashville.

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