We all hear country artists performing their own music on stage, on TV and on the radio. But, what do country artists listen to in their spare time? Jason Aldean has revealed his personal playlist, and it's not necessarily what you would expect.

I sat down with the "Let Your Boys Be Country" country superstar, and I asked him what he listens to in his off time. It was not exactly the answer I was expecting, but it was certainly relatable to the rest of us.

Aldean said, "It depends on where I'm at. Ya know, if I'm in my truck, cruising, a lot of times I'll throw on like some '80s rock stuff, or ya know, Southern rock, Allman Brothers like type stuff."

The turn in the playlist seems to always happen when Aldean's wife, Brittany, is in the car with him.

The "My Kinda Party Singer" said, "If she's [Brittany] in the car I'm listening to like Drake, ya know. And then, if I'm at the beach hanging out by myself, I love throwing just like Buffett radio on."

Aldean explains his love for Buffett.

"I grew up, my dad was a huge Jimmy Buffett fan, and so, I get down the beach, hanging out, I like to just throw that on and kinda have it on in the background, so it kind of just depends on where I'm at."

Aldean has told me in the past that his playlist is not limited to just Drake when Brittany is in the car. He told me she will put on everything from TLC to Beyonce. She is a classic R&B fan.

It's fun to close your eyes and imagine Jason Aldean singing some Drake, or TLC "Waterfalls," as he and his wife drive down the street to their destination.

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