Now you can watch Jason Aldean hit one out of the park...musically, that is.

The country superstar received a custom baseball jersey bearing his lucky number, nine, when he appeared on daytime talk show Strahan, Sarah & Keke on Tuesday (Dec. 10). The surprising exchange took place just before Aldean performed "Camouflage Hat" from his recent album, named after the number he wore as an athlete.

That's right, not only does nine represent the number of studio albums the musician now has under his belt, but it also has an altogether different meaning for Aldean. That's what the singer explained to co-hosts Sarah Haines and Keke Palmer when he stopped by Good Morning America's sister show this week. Watch the video above.

"I was a big baseball player growing up, and that's actually what I thought I was going to do with my career for a long time," Aldean told the hosts before he unleashed his song from 9.

"Clearly, I'm better at music," he continued. "But nine was the number I wore, just as a kid growing up playing baseball. So I just kind of always told myself, 'Man, if I ever made nine albums, it'd be cool to call it 9.' So I've had this album name for a long time. It only took me a long time to get to make the record."

Elsewhere in the conversation, when asked about the "modern take on old-school soul" that many critics have deemed "Camouflage Hat," the musician talked a little bit about his influences. He said it's a combination of "scattered" musical signposts that contribute to his overall sound.

"I love being able to go in and make an album and put all those things on a record," Aldean replied. "To try not to paint myself in a corner. Even though I'm a country artist, I have a lot of those influences, and we try to dive into all those things when we make a record."

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