Who’s angry in Iowa? 

Moving to Iowa, almost 20 years ago, was not my plan in life. Life has a funny way of doing that. Though it was, probably, the best move of my life.  

I came from a suburb of Washington, DC, and friendliness isn’t always on the lips of the residents. As I’ve said before, everyone in Cedar Rapids was oddly friendly. It almost seemed staged. People can’t be THIS friendly! Can they?! I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop. Yes, Iowans are crazy drivers but friendly when not behind the wheel.  

 You are angry Iowa. I knew it 

I knew I’d catch you being angry Iowa! Ok, I had to go to Reddit to find it. My friend Brent works in Bakersfield, CA as a big-time television producer. He says they call Bakersfield the armpit of California. There is an Iowa version of that. Hidrapit, claims  


Substantialcake9583 said  

“Fort Dodge is where dreams go to die” 

However, there is no reason why dreams are dying there. Muscatine took a hit but not for unfriendliness, according to Wild-bit4215 

“I hate Muscatine, it stinks”  

Not everyone went full negative. There was a glass-half-full outlook from urbanhag about Dubuque. 

“There’s something seedy-charming about Dubuque, isn’t there?” 

I don’t know but we could find out, right? Dubuque, are you ready to show us your seedy-charming side?  


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What is the fix, can we get Un-angry?  

Mind.com finds some of us feel angry because of things we can’t control in our lives or possibly because of things happening around the world. These events can be upsetting, especially if you feel powerless to change those situations.  

They also have some suggestions to deal with these stressful situations that could lead to anger.  

  • Set limits for yourself – Take in these events but do it on a limited basis 
  • Mute Notifications – social media can lead you down a rabbit hole to distress. 
  • Facts are your friend – Try focusing on factual material rather than opinion 
  • Look for uplifting events or stories – Lean heavy on the scroll function if you're looking at your phone or computer. Use that to tailor the stories you see. Find the positive or uplifting and that could help.  

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