It seems the New York Times has a thing for Iowa restaurants. Last year, the publication looked at essential restaurants across the nation. The Des Moines Register reports that the Times selected The Webster in Iowa City as one of the best in the nation. Now, the Times is recognizing an Eastern Iowa pizza restaurant as one of the finest around!

The New York Times took a look at the 22 best pizza restaurants in the nation, and one of those spots is in Eastern Iowa. Congratulations to the Lincoln Winebar in Mt. Vernon!

The Lincoln Winebar features wood-fired pizzas and the Register reports that owner Jesse Saurbrie uses local ingredients from area farms from asparagus to honey. He even uses chives grown on his grandfather's farm. Now THAT is local! The restaurant's website says that many of the ingredients are found on organic farms around Mt. Vernon. The Register reports that some of the ingredients used include oyster mushrooms, beets, carrots, and greens.

Facebook via Lincoln Winebar
Facebook via Lincoln Winebar

The Register reports that the Lincoln Winerbar opened in 2000 with a focus on wine, but in 2012, James Beard Foundation semifinalist for Best Midwest Chef Matt Steigerwadd added the wood-fired stove for making Neopolitan-style pizzas. He then sold the restaurant in 2016 to longtime employee Saurbrie.

As for the menu, sure you can get a traditional sausage or pepperoni pizza at the Lincoln Winebar. But why not be adventurous and try a pizza that features salmon and goat cheese? Or what about a pizza featuring locally grown beets with a pistachio pesto? Congratulations to the Lincoln Winebar for the well-deserved recognition!

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