This almost sounds like the start of a bad joke: A three-legged bear breaks into a house to raid the fridge.

No one was laughing, though, after a bear did just that at a home in Lake Mary, Fla. last week.

The Bear Drank Two White Claws After Breaking In

According to WESH in Orlando, locals in the area are familiar with the bear who they call "Tripod" due to his missing leg.

The TV station reported the homeowner was alerted to the break-in thanks to a security camera notification. By that time, Tripod was already continuing his mission inside the home.

In a video shared by WESH, 13-year-old Joseph Diglio can be seen taking cover behind furniture while Tripod makes his way into the home's lanai.

Diglio pressed record and captured video of Tripod looking for a refreshment.

"Look, he just opened the door," Diglio can be heard on the video while recording from a safe distance, "He's about to take the beer. He's about to take the beer."

Tripod helped himself to a pair of White Claw hard seltzers. WESH's reporting team has confirmed the bear sampled both mango and strawberry flavors.

Not The First Time Tripod Has Been Caught On Camera

Tripod has been in the area long enough that most residents know his name by now. A report from WFTV said Tripod has been spotted by residents dating clear back to 2019.

A video shared by WFTV in early 2022 shows the bear rummaging through garbage that had been left in front of homes.

No word on what he had to drink in this video.

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