It's rivalry week in Iowa. Whether you're a Hawkeye fan or a Cyclone fan or just love the banter, the back-and-forth chatter can be quite entertaining. Here some of my favorite social media hits I've came across so far.

The new age way to show your support.

The classic'who has been to more bowl games' line gets a reprisal this week. Here's a Cyclone fan waiting for their next bowl game appearance.

Here's a quick 'knock-knock' joke.

A little joke to welcome ISU's new football coach.

But my favorite so far has to be this breakfast gem.

Regardless which side of the fence your reside on, enjoy your week. I'm a UNI Panthers fan, so my week is already enjoyable. It's even more fun this week to just sit back and watch this week's trash talking.

The game will be broadcast on the Big Ten Network, and it kicks off from Kinnick Stadium at 6:42 PM. If guessing the tailgating will begin as soon as the sun crests the eastern horizon.

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