It's finally here! The start of the 2021 Major League Baseball season. While it's still not going to be a normal season, especially at the onset, this year we at least have most everyone starting on time (the Mets vs. Nationals game was already hosed due to COVID) and in their ballparks, many with fans. Again, a huge improvement over 2020.

So, when it comes to fandom in Iowa, where do our allegiances fall? I crunched some numbers using Google Trends, visiting some websites like Vivid Seats that did their own studies, and determined the winners. Yes, winners. Iowa's a fairly large state, and it varies a bit from east to west, north to south.

Let's dig in:

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Chicago Cubs

Overall, the most popular team in Iowa. This should shock no one. First off, their Triple A affiliate plays in Des Moines, The Iowa Cubs. Next, they're a legendary team with more history than most other midwestern teams. Chicago isn't terribly far, and the games are easy to catch on TV or the radio.

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St. Louis Cardinals

The Cubs arch enemies and, also divisional foes. The Cards are also extremely popular in Iowa. The bulk of their fanbase appears to be more southern, the nearer you get to the Missouri border. But, they're still are plenty in the Cedar Valley, Cedar Rapids, even Des Moines. The Cardinals and Cubs rivalry also lives and breathes in Iowa.

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Minnesota Twins

My favorite team, bar none. But, I'm from Minnesota. The Twins also enjoy a very strong fanbase in northern Iowa. It's still strong in the Cedar Valley, but wanes a great deal as you move more south. Especially as you head towards the Quad Cities where the Cubs and Twins rivals White Sox enjoy more popularity. The Twins have far more out of state fans in the Dakotas.

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White Sox

Speaking of those pesky, pesky White Sox... Yes, they're quite popular in Iowa, too. They enjoy a large number of fans in eastern Iowa. Again, the closer you get to the Illinois border, the more fans they have.

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Milwaukee Brewers

While Wisconsin is a border state, the Brew Crew is a little less popular. Maybe it because of how far Milwaukee is? It's actually about the same distance as Chicago. Maybe that is why? Who knows. One thing that's for sure, Milwaukee is a cool and often underrated city. As are the Milwaukee Brewers.

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Kansas City Royals

They're last on the list, but far from unappreciated in Iowa. Go west, my friend! They're quite popular. Nebraska loves 'em too. In recent years the team hasn't been great, but if you're looking for an absolutely beautiful ballpark to visit, go to Kauffman Stadium in KC. You'll enjoy it as much as the game itself.

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Who's your favorite team? Did I, or Google Analytics miss any teams? Let me know!

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