Iowa's annual sales tax holiday starts tomorrow in stores across the state. In past years, I've written off the weekend as a gimmick to get more people into stores. I thought, how much can you really save by simply not paying the 6% Iowa sales tax? But then 2022 happened. Prices on everything have soared, and suddenly the sales tax holiday is more important than ever, for my family and countless others.

The sales tax holiday was created to coincide with back-to-school shopping as most Iowa kids return to class later this month. The Des Moines Register points out that all clothing items and shoes priced under $100 are exempt from Iowa sales tax. Specialty items like backpacks, sports equipment, and cosmetics will still be taxed. You can find a full list of things that are and are not taxed HERE.

Iowa's tax-free weekend is always the first weekend in August. It runs Friday and Saturday but does not include Sunday. The Register reports that the holiday also extends to qualifying items purchased online. If an online retailer does still charge you a sales tax, you can file a claim and get your money back. You can find more information on that process HERE

It might not seem like 6% is much to save. But saving a few dollars on each back-to-school item really does add up, especially when you have to shop for three kids like our family does! So grab the kiddos this Friday and Saturday and knock out that back-to-school list!

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