When I say, "wanna hit an island this summer?" you likely think, what? Hawaii? Galapagos Islands? Maybe Cozumel? What about... Iowa! What, we have islands. Well, an island anyway. If you're not already aware, Iowa does in fact have an actual island city: Sabula.

Sabula is an island, but it didn't use to be

Sabula was not an actual island until the lock and dam system was constructed by the Army Corps of Engineers on the upper Mississippi in 1939, according to a story from the Island City Harbor. The construction of Lock and Dam Number 13 between Clinton, Iowa, and Fulton, Illinois permanently flooded. That essentially created what is now the small island town of Sabula.

Sabula is a tiny island town, but it is BIG on history

Sabula is located in far Eastern Iowa in Jackson County right on the Mississippi and is on the border with Illinois. While Sabula has a population of only 576 according to the most recent census, but it is a popular tourist spot in the summer as it's obviously remote, an island, and is unique. But it also boasts a lot of history, especially if you like classic houses.

According to the website Only in Your State, the island is home to the Jeremiah Wood House, which was key to the settlement of Sabula built-in 1866. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1982. Another historic home, the John S. Dominy House was added to the National Register of Historic Places on July 24, 1992, and is even older than the Jeremiah Wood House. Dominy, the namesake of the home, created the first blacksmith shop in Sabula.

There's plenty to do in tiny Sabula

Sabula has numerous public parks, and a large number of restaurants and a few places to stay including the well-reviewed Castle Bed & Breakfast. Sabula is about 90 minutes from Cedar Rapids, and about two hours and fifteen from Waterloo.


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