A new study from Zippia features each states feelings towards an employee's boss. The study asked Americans what they dislike the most about 'em and the answers included micromanaging, never being available, they're incompetent, and they're rude.

Out of the 50 states, Iowa ranked 5th in employees not liking their bosses. So what do Iowans dislike most about their supervisors? The top answers were:

  • They micromanage
  • They're never available, or don't respond
  • They're incompetent
  • They're rude
  • They're condescending
  • They have no empathy
  • They're a bad listener
  • They gossip
  • They're self-serving
  • They have a bad temper - but being 'too nice' was also a fairly common answer.

The study also found nearly 60% of employees have quit or left a job over a bad boss, and that the employees who like their boss the most, work or sit in close proximity to him/her during the work day.

As mentioned earlier, Iowa comes in 5th for not liking a boss. The four states where they dislike their boss more are New Mexico, Oklahoma, Alabama and Michigan. Mississippi came in at 50 so, I guess Mississippians love their bosses. Or at least comparatively to the other states in the study. See findings from the study here.

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