When it comes to money, the answer for most Americans would be: I'd love to have MORE. But when it comes to New Years resolutions, do you resolve to get better at saving money? If so, you're a typical Iowan, I guess.

Zippia has put out its list of the top New Years resolutions by state and Iowa's top resolution is save money. Now, that's a smart and very 2021 resolution given the difficulties many faced last year, but to compare with our neighboring states, it's not a common resolution. In fact, counting Iowa, only three of fifty states chose 'save money' as its top resolution. The other two are North Dakota and Mississippi.

Overall, therapy was the most popular resolution, having been chosen by 12 states including our neighbors in Minnesota and Missouri. Behind therapy was losing weight - the most cliché resolution and dating also popped-up a lot. Would that be quarantine and chill?

What's your New Years resolution, if any? I've said many time before, I don't do resolutions but, maybe I'm lame like that.

To determine the results of its study, Zippia used Google Trends.


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