During the COVID-19 pandemic, many in Iowa, and all over the world, are feeling extra stress. Negative news is everywhere so, it's hard not to. As a result, we're LOADING up on junk food! A new study from SWNS reveals exactly what we're mucnhin' on during these tuff times.

1.  Potato chips. 62% of us have had them in the last few months.

2.  Ice cream, 59%

3.  Chocolate or candy, 58%

4.  Pizza, 56%

5.  Mac-and-cheese, 51%

6.  Pasta, 46%

7.  Mashed potatoes, 46%

8.  Chicken noodle soup, 36%

Three out of four people said because of the pandemic, they are eating more comfort foods now than they did before it began. Plus, over a third of Americans are eating them at least once a day. On the plus side, the study also found many of us are trying to eat better while at home more. 44% have even learned a new recipe, while 39% have watched a cooking show or livestream online. I'll continue to enjoy the finer things: Busch Light and Oreos. Whatta team!

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