Shh, your coworkers might have a (not so dirty) little secret. YOU might have that same (again, not so dirty) little secret. If you or a worker started a new job during COVID, then chances are you indeed are carrying around a secret from your coworkers.

Before I get into that secret, I have to say, when I was gathering the info for this article, I was really quite surprised. You see, I had really thought Iowa had among the fewest COVID restrictions.

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While we may have, our offices were still largely switched to remote working. Minus factories that operate heavy machinery, many Iowans found themselves working from home.

What does that have to do with our or our coworker's secret? It ties in directly, actually. Because it's that whole virtual thing that fueled this secret.

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash
Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

No, it's not what you're actually doing on your work PC from home... the secret is, according to the website Building Elements, 40% of Iowans don't really know what their coworkers look like.

Now hear me out because while Building Elements' new survey doesn't exactly say that, I'm putting two-and-two together here. Their study focuses on whether or not Iowans have met their coworkers. But if you've never met a coworker, you don't actually know what they look like, right?

Sure, you may have seen 'em on Zoom or FaceTime or whatever, but do you know how tall they are? Or even what kind of pants/skirt/dress whatever they wear? Hm...? Do you?

Since it's now 2022 and we've seemingly moved on from COVID, perhaps you've returned to the office or, met those coworkers. If so, are they horribly disappointing in person? I never worked remotely during COVID, but I'd imagine if I had, my coworkers would have thought I was a bit short. Probably doesn't help that I go around telling everyone I'm 6 foot 3...

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