Iowa has been faced with drought conditions that have been adding to the stress farmers are feeling towards the growing season.  But one farmer in Ames has also gone into this year facing hardships, but it wasn’t with his corn plant.

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The DesPlanques family has been running their sweetcorn in Ames for decades. However, over the week, the family has been really put to the test as they continue to run their stand as their daughter, Sierra DesPlanques recovers from a roll-over crash.

On August 1st, 22- year-old Sierra DesPlanques was hauling a semi-truck full of sweetcorn when one of her wheels hit gravel causing the truck to flip over. The accident broke her jaw and she had three fractures in her skull says an article in the Ames Tribune. She has been in a medically induced coma for the past week.

To help pay for the medical expenses there has been a GoFundMe page set up and the family is using the money they raised over the weekend at the corn stand, explained KCCI.

Kevin explained in a Facebook post that an MRI last Thursday did show significant brain damage which could mean loss of vision and hearing on one side. There is also a possibility the damage could pose challenges to her motor skills.

In a recent Facebook post from Sierra’s father Kevin, he says that she is awake and active and they are currently working on having her admitted to a hospital in Colorado, where she lives.

Over the weekend, the family raised $15,000 for her medical bills.

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