Stealing is wrong and is something no one should do. Now that I got that out of the way, I can think of plenty of different people I'd rather steal from than my own mother. This Cedar Rapids woman ripped off her mother for over $11,000. Anytime you wrong one of your parents it just makes the situation sound worse.

$11,000 isn't necessarily life-changing money, I know almost anyone would take it if someone gave it to them, but you can't retire on that much, you can't buy a big mansion with it, you can't even buy a brand new 2022 car. I actually looked up the cheapest new cars in 2022, with the cheapest one being $14,595 according to It just makes you wonder if she thought taking little bits and pieces at a time, she could get away with it. You never want to judge someone's decisions because you never know what they have going on in their life. This woman might've been desperate, in trouble, or maybe she thought she had no other choice.

We may never know the relationship between Cynthia James and her mother but it'd be tough to imagine it's a strong one after her arrest on March 22nd. She was accused of writing fraudulent checks way back in October, lasting through December of 2021. Police say the fraudulent checks had totaled $2,085 during that time frame. She was initially arrested back in February but failed to show up to court, which led to a warrant out for her arrest.

Cynthia James, 47, not only wrote fraudulent checks but also made fraudulent withdrawals and purchases using her mother's account. This was during May of 2021 leading to this past January and when the total started surpassing the $11,000 amount.

She has now been arrested and has been charged with Money Laundering and Theft in the First Degree.


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