No this is not a rerun - I have indeed asked you what I labled an impossible Iowa trivia question in the past. That was about Iowa "Z" towns. No spoiler, check out that trivia question here. It's also a doozy!

Like I asked for that question, please DON'T cheat on this little one-question quiz. Don't. Ruins the fun. My fun when you don't know the answer.

I have yet another Iowa trivia question no one knows. I mean, once you read this you will because I'll give you the answer.

Here's my promise: it's not overly obscure. "What was the population in Iowa on June 15, 1956..." no, no. It's a solid, very fair trivia question. And without cheating, you won't know the answer. I can almost promise.

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Like last time, here are some Iowa trivia questions you should know

  • QUESTION 1: Iowa is the future birthplace of what Star Trek Captain?
  • QUESTION 2: Iowa is the largest producer in the United States of what crop?
  • QUESTION 3: What young rock and roll pioneer died in a plane crash in Iowa in 1959?
  • QUESTION 4: Iowa is the only American state bordered by two navigable rivers. Which are these rivers?
  •  QUESTION 5: What common (today) apple originated in Peru, Iowa?

Got 'em, right?

  • ANSWER 1: James T. Kirk
  • ANSWER 2: Corn
  • ANSWER 3: Buddy Holly
  • ANSWER 4: Missouri River & Mississippi River
  • ANSWER 5: Red Delicious

You got most of those questions, right? All of 'em maybe? Good. Your confidence is up and now you're ready for the hard one. That Iowans do not know... without cheating, or like me, thumbing through a Wikipedia article about our state.

Let's get to it and, good luck. The question is below.

Welcome to Iowa sign
Getty ImagesHow many Iowa towns begin with a "Z"?

While Iowa does have rivers and lakes, we are hardly known as a state with tons of water. I believe "landlocked" is the best word to describe the Hawkeye State.

For your impossible question, I'll even do you a favor and ask it in such a way that you could guess correctly. Cuz I'm a nice guy. Here we go:

  • Impossible question: How many island towns are there in Iowa? (I promise it's not "zero")

You don't know, do you? Mmm. Did you guess? Did you cheat? You did cheat, didn't you? Well for those who did not Google it... the answer is below.

Photo by Austin Goode on Unsplash
The Iowa State Capital is located in the very much landlocked city of Des Moines. Photo by Austin Goode on Unsplash

How many Iowa island cities are there? The answer is ONE.

  • Sabula

Sabula is an island town located on the Mighty Mississippi in the otherwise island town-free state of Iowa. The most recent census stated the population of Sabula is only 506.

Via Google, the Sabula city limits are outlined in red.
Via Google, the Sabula city limits are outlined in red.

So how did you do on the impossible question? Did you guess that correctly? Mhm. Suuuure you did. I believe you.

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