Well happy weekend, my thirsty fellow Iowans! To celebrate the weekend and our collective love for drunkenness, Zippia released a new study that features a breakdown of how much tequila per year all 50 states consume. Yes, tequila. This study is only centered around one type of hooch. The study found that tequila is loved most in Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, California, and Maryland. But what about here in Iowa?

Iowans don't even go four rounds with Jose Cuervo

First off, yesterday I shared with you some stats about how Iowans handle their hooch. So, might wanna check that story out before continuing here.

Now when it comes to tequila, it actually turns out, we don't drink too much tequila in the Hawkeye state. Like, really at all actually. Out of all 50 states, Iowa ranks 46 in tequila consumption. Meaning, we're not likely to be going 10 rounds with Jose Cuervo... or even four. We drink roughly 0.42 bottles a year. That is compared to Nevada, where the average drinker consumes 2.3 whole bottles a year. Eek. They're going into extra rounds with Mr. Cuervo, there.

Indiana, Utah, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania were the only states drinking less tequila than us per year. Make an exception today, if you're of age and drink. Have a margarita. Or two. Come on, it's a holiday! Apparently. PS, someone should put out a Busch Light consumption study. Bet we'd do well there. REALLY well.


If tequila is your favorite hard liquor, you might want to try a festive pumpkin spice marg, available in Cedar Rapids. Stay thirst, my friends.

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