The last play of Tyrese Haliburton's season for Iowa State was an assist. And he did it with a broken left wrist. Cyclone head coach Steve Prohm said that is Haliburton. He always wants to play. But the Iowa State star will be sidelined the rest of this season with that broken wrist.

The star sophomore broke his wrist after a blocked shot late in the first half of Saturday's 73-63 win over Kansas State. He tried to play in the second half but had too much numbness in his left hand. Haliburton said that he knew his wrist was broken when he played on Saturday. Sunday, he got the news that he figured was coming, but still wasn't easy to hear.

Haliburton says the wrist fracture recovery should take 12 to 15 weeks. He planned on getting a cast put on Monday, getting that off in four weeks and then wear a splint. After another four weeks, he hopes to start rehab.

Iowa State fans may have seen the last of Haliburton in a Cyclone uniform. He was regarded as a top 5 or top 10 NBA draft pick this spring. Coach Prohm said that he reached out to sources in the league and said Haliburton's injury has not affected his draft status.


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