Early yesterday, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed a new law banning mask mandates by both Iowa public schools and Iowa cities/counties. However, there was a lot more in the bill that you may not be aware of.

What else was in House File 847?

At its onset, the new legislation reads,

An Act relating to educational programs, funding, tax credits and deductions, open enrollment, supplementary weighting, and including effective date, applicability, and retroactive applicability provisions.

The Des Moines Register reports Iowa republicans introduced the mask mandate measure as an amendment to House File 847. What else is in House File 847 which passed in the  Senate with 29 'yeas' and 17 'nays'? There are other elements including items from the governor's Students First Act including new Open Enrollment Rules and the ability for districts to use a flexible student and school support program.

Iowa schools are now required to say the pledge of allegiance daily

While this is not terribly shocking by any stretch, it didn't get a lot of press.

Governor Kim Reynolds via Facebook
Governor Kim Reynolds via Facebook

The bill raises Iowa’s School Tuition Organization tax credit

House File 847 raises Iowa’s School Tuition Organization tax credit.

Athletic transfers also impacted

The new law waives Iowa's 90-day athletic ineligibility period for school transfers in certain situations.

Clearing up confusion on banning mask mandates

After the news came out yesterday that schools and cities could no longer pass and/or enforce any mask mandates, some media outlets reported this extended to private businesses as well. That is not the case, and any business owner may keep facial covering policies in place, should they choose.

You can see all of House File 847 here.

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