Two men from Romania are heading to prison after they were caught using credit card skimmers in Dubuque in an attempt to get debit card information from roughly 200 people. Each man was sentenced to 10 months in prison according to a report from Radio Iowa.

The scammers used pinhole cameras and credit card skimmers

According to the report, Stefan Busoi Razvan Diculescu were sentenced after they plead guilty last November to possession of device-making equipment. Razvan is 30 and Diculescu is 29. In June 2020, employees of MidWestOne Bank in Dubuque found pinhole cameras and skimmers on three ATMs.

Police used footage to determine the identity of the two men


Police were called and confirmed the cameras and skimmers. The men were caught when police used traffic and ATM video footage to determine they were the ones responsible for installing the skimmers and cameras. They were then arrested when they attempted to return to an ATM.

Photo by Johny vino on Unsplash
Photo by Johny vino on Unsplash


The scammers are here illegally

Neither man was legally in the United States, each was using a fake Greek passports at the time of their arrest. According to police, no bank users confidential information was ever compromised. The illegal Use of a Scanning Device is a class D felony punishable by 5 years imprisonment in the state of Iowa.



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