2021 is almost 4-full months old. In that time, many babies have already been born here in Iowa. But what are moms and dads choosing for their lil' ones names? Is it too early to know? Not according to Nameberry. They have the 'new' names for 2021 that parents are supposedly choosing. I use the quotes because as you'll see, these names are pretty classic sounding. But, the list is flawed and here's why...

How'd ya do your research?

So to come up with its lists each year, Nameberry uses data from the Social Security Administration. Makes sense, right? They'd know the what Americans named their kiddos. But, for this list, they've simply used according to their visitors' searches to determine the most popular names. In other words, you go to the website and search 'John', and they're counting that as a name search for this list. I guess what I'm getting at is take this with a tiny grain of salt.

Girl baby names for 2021:

  • Luna
  • Maeve
  • Aurora
  • Isla
  • Aurelia

Boy baby names for 2021:

  • Silas
  • Atticus
  • Arlo
  • Theodore
  • Finn

I have thoughts on these names...

Photo by Fé Ngô on Unsplash
Photo by Fé Ngô on Unsplash

I mean, I do like the name Luna personally. Maybe Finn, too. But apparently if this list is to be believed, names from the 1930's are so in right now. Cool. I hope little Silas doesn't grow-up to be a stagecoach driver.

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