Different strokes for different folks. Words to live by. Especially when it comes to candy bars. Because I learned something recently: people from Iowa love Butterfingers. Yes, Butterfingers... the candy bar so bad, the company changed the formula and slapped, 'Improved Recipe' on them in 2019. Yet for Iowans, they're the best thing sliced bread... which was invented in Iowa, as we recently learned.

My example for the Iowa-Butterfinger love is twofold. First off if you aren't aware, I am a Minnesota native. My wife, a native Iowan. She loves Butterfingers. She like the bitesize version, and the easter egg Butterfingers the most, but she'll eat anything Butterfinger. And, her family shares a love of crispy and crumby candybar. Next, I just saw a study that said Iowa's favorite candy is the mighty Butterfinger. Shocker.

There are so many better options, people

Say what you want about Iowa Water (Busch Light) even critics agree, at the end of the day, it can still get you drunk. Vegans still drool over ranch dressing, another Iowa staple. But, Butterfingers? They make a huge mess, they don't have near enough chocolate, and they had to resort to using the Simpsons in its heyday to get people to pay attention...

Also, have Iowans not had a Snickers Almond? That is the perfect candy... period. The next time someone says to me, "Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger", I'll smile and say, 'no problemo'. In response let me just say, Nobody better lay a finger on my Snickers Almond. Thanks, much!

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