Iowans like beer, that's no secret. But there's one in particular that we prefer to any other, and it isn't even close.

According to the Iowa Wholesale Beer Distributors Association, nearly 16 million gallons of Busch Light were shipped to Iowa in a single year. That adds up to a seven-gallon pony keg per every adult in the state.

Chances are good that you've seen one of these Busch Light "connoisseurs" tailgating near Kinnick before/during/after Hawkeye football games (we can't leave out Iowa State or UNI fans, but I'm guessing Iowa City probably leads the way).


Critics will say that Busch Light is bargain-basement swill, but that's probably why Iowans like it so much. It's cheap, it appeals to drinkers of any age, and you can pretty much keep that good buzz going throughout the day. With football season upon us, Busch Light appears to be the perfect sidekick for cheering on your beloved team. So crack open a tallboy, and tell your hipster buds to sip their IPAs and stouts and porters somewhere else.

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