The Iowa Hawkeye's 2021 campaign got off to a great start on Saturday against the Indiana Hoosiers. The Hawkeye's crushed Indiana 34-6 establishing their dominance early and often in front of a raucous Kinnick Stadium crowd. However, it wasn't the trouncing Iowa laid down on the Hoosiers that everyone is talking about... it's the goof on one of Indiana's jerseys that's captured national attention.

How do you spell "Indiana" again?

On Saturday afternoon in Iowa City, Hoosier Freshman running back David Holloman began trending on Twitter. Not because of something he said before the game or a play he made during the game. Oh no, that is not it at all. It's because instead of his jersey reading "Indiana", it said, "Indinia". Yep, Indinia. See for yourself:

So how in the heck did this happen? I could almost see it happening to all the jerseys. If there's a goof in the printing process. Or, if it was some silly joke (though why would that be funny?) But on one lone jersey? Was it a weird way to haze a freshman player? As far as I can tell, that's not the case at all. It was simply a very, very embarrassing goof. The official Twitter account of the Hoosier football team sent a tweet with the goof, but this was very quickly deleted.

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But, because it's the internet and nothing ever goes away for good, people screenshotted the goof and it will live on in viral infamy for the remainder of time. At least it takes some of the heat off of Indiana's horrid loss to the Hakwye's, right? It's the little things that really matter. Go Hawkeyes!

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