Happy National Ice Cream Sandwich Day! Cuz yeah, everything needs a day. When is National Staircase Railing Day? Anyways, it's summer and hot summer in Iowa. So, likely you're enjoying ice cream sandwiches or just ice cream in general. But in about 4-5 months when it's -26, will you still eat ice cream? Or do you give it a rest during those bitter months? It appears we Iowans are in it year-round... for some reason.

In Iowa, we EMBRACE the cold! I guess

First off, I have a confession: I strongly dislike ice cream at all times. Dairy and I are enemies, and I think it's cold, overly sweet, and just gross. Sorry. So naturally, I was mortified to discover 68% of us are eating ice cream in the winter according to a new study. Only 17% of us are putting ice cream on ice during the cold weather months. What about ice cream sounds even remotely good when it's freezing? Mm, frozen weather, frozen mouth...

Now, perhaps it's ice cream store propaganda, but there are actually entire websites dedicated to eating ice cream in the winter, and how it's actually better in the cold weather months. The website Spoon University even has a top seven list of why it's better in the winter. The top reason?

Because there are no lines at the ice cream shop.

I suppose that's true because people DO NOT WANT TO BE COLD. Ahem. Sorry.

Happy Ice Cream Sandwich Day! Photo from snyferok

The best ice cream in NE Iowa

According to Yelp reviews, the best ice cream in northeast Iowa is 4 Queens at 1310 W 1st St in Cedar Falls. They also have a couple of other locations. My favorite winter ice cream flavor? Hot chocolate.

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