Wouldn't you know, a couple days removed from Father's Day and we learn that Iowa ranks very high for working dads. WalletHub has put out their list of best/worst states for working fathers and they've ranked Iowa in the top 10. Actually, Iowa finished at 8 out of 51. There were 51 because the District of Columbia is also included.

Breaking down the findings, WalletHub analyzed data in the following categories:

  • Economic & Social Well-Being (Iowa ranks 6)
  • Work-Life Balance (Iowa ranks 19)
  • Childcare (Iowa ranks 12)
  • Overall health (Iowa ranks 5)

Obviously it's a series of numbers but, it's hard to argue it is nice having a top ten finish in any working persons poll. These days, two-thirds of families depend on the income of both parents and not just one. This same bit of research from Pew Research, men feel they're under more pressure to provide for their families. I'm not a dad yet, but I have no doubt if... when I am, we;ll no doubt need to be a two-income family in order to provide for a child.

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