Taxes: no one actually likes 'em, everyone pays 'em, and they supposedly go to benefiting us in some way shape, or form. So we're told. One area of contention for many is the gas tax we all pay when we fuel up. But do Iowans have it rougher at the pump than the residents in other states? How about our fellow Midwestern states? The answer may surprise you.

Per gallon, Iowans are surprisingly spared by high gas taxes

Iowa is a state that consumes a lot of gas. Think about all our farm equipment and the massive amounts of fuel it takes to keep 'em going. So, you'd think that would translate into a higher gas tax, right? Well, not so much actually. Iowa is right about in the middle for gas tax costs in the United States. In fact, the website Tax Foundation has us right at #25. Corroborating that data, the website API has our gas tax at 30 cents a gallon. If you factor in federal taxes, Iowans pay a 48.40 cent per gallon tax.

Regarding Iowa, API says,

Iowa tax on gasoline is subject to change each year on July 1st, based on a percentage of ethanol sales compared to total motor fuel [gasoline] sold.

In other words, each year our gas tax can fluctuate. So how does Iowa compare to everyone else in the region?

Photo by Michael Longmire on Unsplash
Photo by Michael Longmire on Unsplash

Iowans pay less in gas tax than a couple of our neighbors

Hands down, Illinois has the worst gas tax in the midwest. Actually, they have the SECOND worst in the U.S. behind only California according to Riley O'Neil from sister station WROK. Illinois charges customers a tax of 77.96 cents per gallon (including federal taxes). OOF.

Minnesota was a bit more than Iowa, as was Wisconsin. Nebraska did come in cheaper with 47.00 cents per gallon. As for the cheapest in the region? North Dakotans pay only 41.40. Nice!

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