The Iowa Hawkeyes were ranked No. 2 in the country after defeating the then-No. 4 Penn State Nittany Lions in Kinnick Stadium on October 9.

They've since lost two in a row to unranked teams.

Purdue travelled to Iowa City and beat the Hawks on their home field 24-7, and this last weekend, Iowa fell to the Wisconsin Badgers in Camp Randall Stadium, 27-7.

It's obvious the offense is the problem. When your team scores 14 total points between two weeks ESPECIALLY against two unranked opponents, something has got to change.

There are two different ways Hawkeye fans can look at this, in my humble opinion. Some may view it as two different scapegoats for the lack of offense the previous two weeks:

1. Blame Spencer Petras (or Petrash, as some so affectionately call him), who threw four interceptions against Purdue on October 16 and has passed for 0 touchdowns the last two games.

2. Blame Brian Ferentz, Iowa's offensive coordinator and head coach Kirk Ferentz's son. Between the two games, Iowa has had 427 yards of offense and seven turnovers.

It's been tough to watch, and Hawkeye fans everywhere are getting antsy.

One fan has become so frustrated that he put together a petition on to have Brian Ferentz fired. I'm not kidding. As of 9:41 AM on Tuesday morning, it's received 1,345 signatures in three days.

The description of the petition is described as follows:

Each year, Iowa fans have to experience a top tier defense that is hindered by an offense that can’t hold up its end of the bargain. Brian Ferentz calls an offense that is predictable, old, and not exciting. This pain has gone on too long for Iowa fans, and it’s time for a change. We love the Iowa Hawkeyes and want the best for the long term outlook of this team. The fans deserve better and so does Phil Parker. Help us create change that might lead to a play action pass every once in awhile that actually gets the Hawkeyes first downs.

After all the online petitions we've seen gather little-to-no momentum in the real world over the last several years, I doubt anything changes on the coaching staff at Iowa solely based on this grievance by fans.

But, if Iowa wants to change its future and compete with the best in the country, a major shift in the coaching staff in Iowa City may need to come sooner rather than later.

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