Farmers are some of the hardest-working folks you'll find. There is no '9 to 5', and often, there's no true off day or vacation. It's work, work, WORK. Oh, and more work. So, with that in mind, they still have to eat, right? What better way to do so without skipping a beat than by having an aerial sandwich delivery? It happened, and it was caught on video by a TikTok-farmer who goes by drylander on the popular app.

Long hours in the field calls for creativity from the skies

In the video below, you'll notice the guy shooting the video has time to pause his work just long enough to get the right song on, "Fortunate Son" from Creedence Clearwater Revival, and catch the action from the skies above. From his caption, it also appears as though he's farming on a family farm. Oh, and his caption also captures the action perfectly, as you'll see in the video.

It's no wonder his video has over 5-million hits. Check it out and, if you know a farmer, pass it along to 'em. Seems like an intelligent way to get a meal to someone in the fields in a hurry. Assuming you know someone with an airplane! Apologies if the video leaves you craving Subway.

I watched it about 20 times already, it gets better each time! Did 'grandpa' actually take one to the head? Or was he just knocked over by the force of the plane? The world may never know!

As a bonus, check out another video from drylander that I'm sure many Iowa farmers, or crop dusters, can relate to.

And since you've now heard past of the CCR song a couple of times, here's the full monty:

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