It's always a sad day when your state makes the national news for a dumb criminal story. But then again, such is life every day in Florida... Our story today comes from Sioux City which is on the far northwestern side of the state and borders Nebraska. Can we have them claim this guy?

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Zack Lee Smith faked his death to lure his ex

According to the story from NBC News, 20-year old Zack Lee Smith of Sioux City faked his own passing so that he could get his ex-girlfriend to show up at his apartment. According to the story, cops say Smith pretended to be his father, then contacted his 18-year old ex and informed her he had taken his own life. She then went to his apartment to grab her possessions. When she arrived, Smith, brandishing a BB gun, attempted to hold her captive along with a 15-year old who was with the ex.


Police caught wind of the scheme

According to the report, cops learned about Smith's scheme. They were led to the apartment by the younger teen’s brother. Once they arrived, Smith released the two without incident. Smith, however, went into his bathroom to hide. Police located him with help from his ex, and he was arrested without incident. The whole ordeal lasted for less than an hour and, fortunately, no one was injured. In fact, one person apparently returned from the dead. Pretty neat trick, huh? Not really. Smith was charged with two felony counts of false imprisonment, though he was released from jail the following day on a $7,500 bond.

No word on if Smith's ex got her stuff back. Let's hope since it's the least she could get after finding out her dead ex was still alive and his attempt to trap her. Again, if Nebraska wants to claim this dude, that would be fine.

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