So you've been drinking? Or, in the case of 4/20, maybe... something else. What's your 'go to' when you're in need of a snack after? Well wouldn't you know, Zippia did a study to find out the fast food everyone craves when drunk. Seems logical, right? So the results? Let's dive in...


When we're drunk in Iowa, it appears we head right for McDonald's. The golden arches glow slightly more golden, when buzzed it seems. Iowa is not alone, according to this silly study, 22 other states love 'em some Big Mac's when hammered. I think it's funny and even a bit odd that we all want something bad for us when we're done drinking lots of something bad for us, by the way.


The issue I have with this study, is no pizza joints appear. No Domino's, Pizza Hut or more specifically, and local establishments. That's odd as many of us this past year have been getting drunk at home. While, sure, you can Uber McDonald's or Arby's, Wendy's, whatever. Who does? Don't you go for a greasy pizza pie?

Photo by Alan Hardman on Unsplash

I love a good burger when drinking, and I'd be more likely to grab that than pizza myself since I like to keep the carbs at bay. One can have a burger minus the bun after all. Not so much the pizza... After chatting with folks in the office, and on the air today, it still seems like pizza is far more popular than burgers, however. Sorry, Zippia. By the way, who's hungry? And sober...

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