Nothing breaking about this news. A long holiday weekend means more cops are expected to be out looking for speeders, drunk and distracted drivers, and other traffic-based shenanigans.

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One might think with gas prices as high as they are and no relief at the pump in sight, people might want to just park it and stay home, and some will. Others will feel like they've had enough of the obstacles keeping them cooped up for two years and they're ready to roll. Either way, the Iowa State Patrol and other local law enforcement agencies plan to be out in full force this weekend.

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In fact, according to Radio Iowa, Iowa State Patrol public resource officer Paul Gardner says the agency is expecting a record-setting weekend for travel.

We will be out watching for drunk drivers and working the roads hard to make sure everyone’s obeying the speed limit, everyone’s buckled in, people aren’t distracted by a cell phone while they’re driving

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Memorial Day weekend through Fourth of July weekend tends to be considered the most dangerous stretch on the roads in Iowa. Making up for lost time from the less-than-optimal early spring we had is likely to be more of a thing too.

One-third of our traffic crashes yearly are caused by drunk and impaired driving and on the 4th of July nationwide, between 2016 and 2020, 41% of crashes were caused by drunk drivers,” Gardner says, “so that’s an alarming statistic and it’s something that we aim to decrease.”

"Drive sober or get pulled over". You constantly hear it but it's not just an expression. Do the hands-free thing if you need to be on the phone, and slow the heck down. I know how challenging it is nowadays to get an Uber or Lyft, but it's the only way to go. There are still taxis or maybe designate a driver to handle things behind the wheel during your well-deserved weekend of imbibing.

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