If you've lived in Iowa for more than five minutes, you've very likely heard the term "Iowa Nice". It's a simple, Midwestern type of patience and kindness. You see someone who needs assistance, you help 'em. But that doesn't mean Iowans are impervious to anger and frustration. There's a number of common Iowa stereotypes that, if repeated to an Iowan, could get you socked in the noggin. Or, you'll get some good old fashion, Iowa passive agressiveness! Ope! That's always fun, too.

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I was inspired to make this list when I saw Matt Ryan a sister station of ours in New Jersey talk about his frustration for stereotypes from his neck of the woods. Matt does point out that every community has its flaws, and that there will be certain things we may like here that others do not elsewhere.

Take a look at the list below and see if there are any more that you feel need to be added. While you're at it, gauge your level of anger when you hear or read any of these stereotypes.

Ready for some rage? Let's jump right in:

Don't Say These Things to an Iowan Unless You Want to Get Smacked in the Face

Sure, we're Iowa nice, but be careful what you say to an Iowan!

What do you think? Is there anything missing from the list that gets your goat, erm hog? Let me know - shoot me an email. Now that 2021 is well into the rearview mirror, we can take a look at the highest-paying jobs people could get here in the Hawkeye State last year. Did your line of work make the list? If it didn't, might be time to look for a new gig!

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